Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Belated Birthday Blog Post. . .

It would seem that I completely forgot that it was over a year ago that I first started my blog!!! The exact date was the 3rd June 2010!
What triggered my memory was this post from the lovely Jenny Arnott blog - she too has been celebrating her blog's first birthday :)
I can't believe it has already been a YEAR! I mean really, where does the time go eh!?
I have enjoyed my first year 'blogging' and I hope I can live up to my plans of posting more regular and also I am planning a bit of a blog revamp soon - so please stay tuned for that!

So without further ado; Happy Birthday blog and as a belated celebration I have made a little something :)

I now feel bad for not acknowledging Lizzybeth's Felties 'birthday'!! umm, I will have a think about that. . .  . . . . .


  1. Happy blog birthday to you, here's to another successful and happy year of blogging! xxx

  2. 1st birthday remains memorable whole the life because its parents makes video and always try to enjoy it.
    your blogs gives me great kids birthday party ideas.

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