Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hello, hello. . .

Oh dear I have done it again and left it ages before blogging *slaps wrist*
Truth is I haven't much to report on the design/crafty side of things at the mo as I am suffering with chronic creative block. It is not a regular occurence for me - thank god - but when I do get a bout of it, its bad! So I am currently trying to shake that off - happy to say im getting there :) my apologies if it seems like a lame excuse! Believe it or not I think my creative block is down to having too many ideas to then try to focus on one - my head is overloaded and big time boggled!
Anyone else out there suffering with this or has done?

Then if creative block wasn't enough to deal with I had another problem occur and that being my poor laptop has been poorly :( it caught a VERY nasty, mean, horrible virus!!! and this virus caused me to loose practically the whole contents of my laptop! Thankfully the clever computer people who nursed my laptop back to health (lol) managed to save my most important files and I am quite good at backing up files - but sadly I lost my software programs I use to design and that = bad times! So now my laptop is pretty much back to the start, meaning I have to start over with it! Ironically while my laptop had a virus I had one too - go figure!

So putting that ALL aside I do have some photos to share :)

Above is a lovely plate that I have inherited from my late Aunty Aud - it has pride of place in my room where I get to see it eveytime I enter :)

Then I have quite a menagerie featuring ^here^ the collection consists of a vintage strawberry jam pot(one of my latest thrifty finds) and the two pieces of jewellery is again inherited from Aunty Aud. Then we have a rather fluffy gathering of pom-poms. . .

. . .yes I have been dabbling in pom-pom making and following the trend! Now I had a go at these before my block got too bad. . .and well creative block permitting I am hoping to incorporate these into my work?!

Then last but no means least. . .

A rather large crinkle crisp which I was very fortunate to eat earlier :P and very moorish it was to!

So there we have it - I do hope that my creative block leaves asap and then hopefully I can get back on track with things and start producing some real crafty loveliness :D

x x x


  1. What an enormous crisp! I reckon I could have got that one in whole! Sideways is what my hubbie would say! I love the jam pot. My nan used to have something similar to that. Very nice. I do hope your creative block is not for too long and that you will be soon 'up and running again!' Sue x

  2. Awe thankyou Sue :) I hope it goes away asap!
    Hehe the crisp certainly was - I think I managed to eat it in three?! I fell in love with the jam pot as soon as I spotted it :D
    Liz x

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